Norman Regional Health System

Ortho Central is committed to providing patients the highest standard of healthcare, utilizing advanced robotic technology for knee replacement surgery. The ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) knee system is designed to assist our specially trained orthopedic surgeons before, during and after surgery. ROSA knee robotic technology provides real-time, intraoperative data to the surgeon about the patient’s anatomy. This allows the surgeon to personalize patient care (implant placement, soft-tissue balancing, etc.) in ways that surpass standard instrumentation. In addition, ROSA provides the following advantages:

  • Smaller incisions with reduced scarring and minimal blood loss
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Shorter hospital stays and recovery period
  • Quicker return to daily activities
  • Lower incidence of complications
  • Precise placement of implants
  • Reduced injury to adjacent tissues
  • Increased longevity of implants

To learn more about knee replacement surgery and the ROSA Knee System, contact an Ortho Central orthopedic surgeon at 405-360-6764.

Dr. Kirkpatric standing next to ROSA knee system

Orthopedic Surgeon Richard Kirkpatrick, MD, performs knee replacement surgeries with the ROSA knee system, pictured here.